Rebranding for a Small Business

Social Genesis

The first step to any rebrand is to think about the business holistically, so that you can eventually tie it back into business strategy, or at least that's how my brain works. I start all of my clients that want a rebrand or a first brand with a discovery call. Then I sent them a form to fill out to gather more information about what's working and not working for them and where they see their business growing in the future. It also has details of logos/fonts/colors that they link or dislike if they have a preference. My favorite part is being able to take what a client says about their company and visualizing it for them.

After filling out the form I came up with lots of different sketches on logos to propel our discussion even further. I wanted to get to the core of what she was really trying to do with her business. Because of my background mentoring people as a UX Design teacher, I can't help but get into the psychology of a business owner.

After lots of long discussions and many visuals back and forth on messenger, Julia and I finally realized that what she was trying to do for her clients was take away their stress of social media. She wanted to take their business on social media, grow it, and maintain it and take care of it all while allowing the business owner to focus on doing what they did best, their business.